What is the ERP Ambassador program?

ERP Ambassadors are a collective force of concerned people around the world, all committed to putting a stop to the exploitation and slaughter of elephants and rhinos, and to changing the lives of rural people in Africa.

After signing up you will be able to access our Ambassador Portal, giving you the unique opportunity to meet other Ambassadors, sign up for volunteer work, and be the first to get project updates.

What is the Ambassador portal (this site)?

The ERP Ambassador portal serves as a guide on your journey as an ERP Ambassador. The site serves as a social hub where you can meet other Ambassadors and gain awareness on erp.ngo projects.  By signing up for a user account on this site, you are also signing up to become an ERP Ambassador.

How to get started?

ERP Ambassador membership has multiple levels which can be tracked on the Membership site. By signing up to the Ambassador portal and having your details verified you will gain the “new” membership level. You are then encouraged to explore the social features of the site by setting up your personal profile and networking with others in the Ambassador network. We encourage you to join a Group  that suits your interests.

Each goal for this level is tracked by Badges that can be earned by exploring the associated features. Please visit the Badges site to learn more.Once the goals are achieved you will gain access to the Silver membership level. This membership level provides access to additional features on the site.

How to get involved?

To reach the Gold membership level, get involved with ERP Ambassador program by inviting new members to the program, spreading awareness about the ERP initiatives on social media, and volunteering for ERP events and projects. Updates about volunteering opportunities will be posted in the Events calendar and in posts on the News feed where sign-up sheets are made available. By participating in ERP events and campaigns you will eventually gain promotion to the Gold membership level. This level affords special privileges, such as invitations to unique ERP events. The goal of every ERP Ambassador should be to reach the Platinum membership level, which is granted to members of special dedication and renown.