More ways to contribute to the #SAVETHE27 Campaign

Here are some ways you can contribute to the relocation of the 27 at-risk elephants in Mozambique:

– Contact press and reporters to make them aware of this story. We can also provide them with more detail and interviews.
– Reach out directly to people you know who might be willing to donate.
– Spread the word on social media by posting something like: “Urgent appeal to get 27 elephants out of harms way:”. We have some pictures and materials you may use on social media:
– Know a celebrity or someone popular on social media? Ask them to help spread the word.


  1. Desiree

    Hello, I spread the word on my social media pages. I’m hoping that friends and family will donate for the
    Save the 27 project. I wish I knew a celebrity to call, but unfortunately I don’t. Sorry about that. Regarding the press, here on Long Island we have only one local news channel…… News 12 Long Island. I will reach out to them and see if they would take on this urgent story. Wish me luck.
    Warm Regards,
    Desiree Baeza

  2. Isabel

    ERP Ambassador’s here is a behind the scene update on our save the 27 – Over the weekend, we finally got the green light from the Mozambican authorities to go ahead with the capture and relocation, including the permission required for the helicopter (which was a big stumbling block), however we are still awaiting feedback in South Africa for the drug export permits from the South African Veterinary Council. I am sure by now this should be sorted out, and will confirm this with Kester later.

    ERP’s team spent the last two days in Mozambique, trying to locate the herd, and deploy another tracking collar to aid in the operation, but after a couple of hours flying today, we still cannot locate the elephants, and have had no reports of sightings from the local community for a few days now either.

    We are continously canvassing our local network of informers for information, and will update you as soon as a positive location update has been made. This is also critical to the success of the rest of this operation.

    If all goes to plan, and we locate the animals in the next few days, we will start with the operation early next week.

    Lets hold thumbs we can find them.