911 Elephant, a specific programme within the ERP portfolio, is rapidly becoming a leader in the field of elephant rescue operations in Southern Africa. We are able to lead and fund elephant rescue initiatives that may result in relocation, or simply by way of working with landowners to establish a sustainable, non-lethal alternative to controlling elephant numbers in overpopulated areas, and so as to avoid splitting up elephant family units.
Elephants have been following migratory patterns for generations, often covering astounding distances in their search for improved feeding areas and water. Due to increased human settlements and the development of small game farms, these migratory patterns have gradually been destroyed and elephants, in many cases, are limited to small tracts of land a fraction of the size of their historic home ranges.
This has led to increased pressure on elephant populations to survive and often results in them breaching the perimeters of the reserves within which they reside. Alternatively, from an ecological point of view, the elephant populations of these smaller reserves are growing to numbers far beyond what the reserves can sustainably carry and this results in culling or hunting practices.
In addition to a host of individual rescues and supporting various properties in the implementation of non-lethal elephant management alternatives.