Food is Life Project

October 16th was World Food Day. According to Food Aid Foundation, around 795 million people do not have adequate food to enable them to lead a healthy life. In South Africa, an estimated over 2 million children do not get enough food to sustain adequate growth and development. This often leads to stunted growth among children, most of them living in remote disadvantaged communities. Over the years, one of the ways we have positively contributed towards addressing this hunger crisis has been through the distribution of e’Pap to orphans and vulnerable children in Ndumo and Madikwe. e’Pap is a fortified food supplement that promotes nutrient repleteness by providing these children with the basic nutrients essential for their growth. It is worthwhile to consider that the cost of providing an orphan or vulnerable child with a monthly supply of ePap and food parcels costs around R100.00 – the approximate price of two muffins and two cups of coffee in an average restaurant. Visit to learn how you can make a difference.