ERP part of the Diamond Rush mountain bike race

The ERP team were out in full force over the weekend at the Diamond Rush mountain bike race in Cullinan South Africa.
The aim was to race awareness about the #BIKES4ERP program. Some kids in South Africa walk more than 10 kilometers(6 miles) to school everyday.
With #BIKES4ERP a child is given a bicycle, to assist him/her to complete their education and travel faster to school.
Robert from the Elephant Management Unit were following the riders with a vehicle, picking up cyclists with mechanical problems or assisting with injured cyclists. With this initiative we show the public that we care for Elephants and Rhinos but also care for people in need.
We had about 10 riders riding with ERP shirts to raise further awareness about various ERP projects. These riders assist further with mechanical breakdowns on the race.
The ultimate example was set when one of our own ERP members had a big crash and got hurt. Nicolai and Karel from the ERP team pushed Gert that was injured, all the way home for over 10 kilometers, cycling next to him and motivating him to hang on. People’s comments along the route were “With friends like that you can go to war”.
This just showed the team spirit that exist within ERP to help Elephants, Rhinos an People.
We even at 2 kids Boitumelo Leboea 16years and Olerato Leboea 8 years completing the 10 kilometer race.
We all had a great day with lots op exposure for ERP