ERP & Africasgotgame host two day “We Code” training in Dinokeng

Over 100 local youth came through after invitations were sent out by our partners from the South African National Civic Organisation (SANCO). Attendants were put into groups of between 22-34 for each 1 hour training session. Arthur Anderson and his team from Africasgotgame were able to take all participants through the basics of coding a game using tablets and practical games, allowing all participants the opportunity to progress understand how coding works. Interactive question and answer sessions and participation allowed all participants to be treated and rewarded with goodies for their effort, urging them on. . Participants were also asked to identify real life challenges that exist in their community, and how coding and technology can assist in addressing these challenges. At the end of the two days, all participants received certificates of attendance. ERP will continue to roll out these “We Code” sessions through out the year, so keep checking with us.

What is We Code?

We Code” is a computer programming training course targeted at High School students. These courses introduce coding in a way that is relevant to any child’s interests – be it robotics, Minecraft, or advanced text languages. The course Stunt Pilot allows kids to program drones and robots as they simultaneously learn to program and reinforce subjects they’re learning at school. Coding lies at the intersection of STEM and creativity. For girls especially, who are underrepresented in STEM fields, coding may be a unique entry point to get them interested in STEM.