Loziba elephant collaring

Loziba elephant collaring

2 elephants were collared in an open area in the Kwa-Zulu Natal Province. The elephants have broken out of the reserve they were in and the owners do not have the finances to fix the fences or to recover the elephants. The government threatened to destroy the elephants within three months if nothing was done to stabilise the situation. By placing the collars on the elephants, we are able to manage two herds and ensure they do not move into community areas. This has temporarily secured their lives until a longer term solution is formulated.

Video of operation: https://youtu.be/bBQLCwruU1g

Calling all ERP Ambassador! Help a elephant by raising fund for a beehive


In keeping with ERP’s mission to conserve Elephants and Rhinos, in the wild, through the alleviation of Poverty, we present the following opportunity for you to join us in this mission. Bee hive fencing not only prevents Elephants from invading farm lands and private property, but at the same time provides local communities with a sound economic opportunity through the production of honey. By sponsoring one or more hives, you can help us to promote this solution to human elephant conflict resolution throughout Africa.


See the following options, below:

  • Sponsor ONE HIVE:
    Cost per hive $141 (R2,000)
  • Sponsor ONE BENEFICIARY with 20 HIVES:
    Cost of twenty hives $1410 (R20 000)
  • ULTIMATE TARGET: to provide 8KM of beehive fencing with 200 HIVES:
    Total cost: $28 200(R400 000)

Contributions of any amount towards the sponsorship of the above targets is welcomed or host and run your very own campaing.

Contact Isabel today to setup your first Fundraising Campaing isabel@erp.ngo

RELOCATION UPDATE! ERP Elephant Relocation Aug 22

RP’s Dinokeng Bull Elephant Relocation Programme has started. The bull boxes have arrived and we are preparing to relocate four stunning bulls from the Dinokeng Game Reserve in South Africa, to Zinave National Park in Mozambique.

ERP is supporting Dinokeng in the relocation of the bulls as they have learned a habit of breaking fences and this has created problems for the reserve management team. Culling was a last option if the bulls could not be moved and 

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