Kekana Gardens Update

Kekana Gardens Update

Yesterday we went back to Botlhokwa Bja Ngwana Orphan Safe Centre in Kekana Gardens to deliver more groceries, shoes and books to the safe centre. Even though the kids were still in school, the tutors and care givers at the centre were overjoyed by this gesture. We also donated some magazines to the local library so that they can use these in their outreach programmes in schools. A big thank you to the dedicated members of staff both in South Africa and abroad for their continued generous support. #BeyondCorporatePurpose #ERP 


RELOCATION UPDATE! ERP Elephant Relocation Aug 22

RP’s Dinokeng Bull Elephant Relocation Programme has started. The bull boxes have arrived and we are preparing to relocate four stunning bulls from the Dinokeng Game Reserve in South Africa, to Zinave National Park in Mozambique.

ERP is supporting Dinokeng in the relocation of the bulls as they have learned a habit of breaking fences and this has created problems for the reserve management team. Culling was a last option if the bulls could not be moved and 

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